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When will my Budweiser Red Light start lighting up again?

The Budweiser Red Light will start lighting up again when the regular season officially begins on October 8th. It will not light up for goals scored during the preseason.

Wi-Fi Connection

What are the Wi-Fi Requirements:

2.4GHz Wi-Fi router is required to connect your Red Light to the Internet. Your Red Light cannot join a Wi-Fi network with a secondary level of authentication. See “What is secondary level authentication?” and “What is a 2.4GHz network?” for more information.

What is secondary level authentication?

Secondary level authentication is a 'landing' web page shown to a user before they gain more-broad access to URL or http-based Internet services. An example of this is when a user attempts to join a free Wi-Fi network at the airport. Before gaining access, the user is redirected to a web page which may require authentication, payment, acceptance of policies or other valid credentials.

What is a 2.4GHz network?

Wi-Fi routers most commonly run on a 2.4GHz frequency. Dual band routers also provide a supplementary 5GHz network. If using a dual band Wi-Fi router, be sure to join your Red Light to the 2.4GHz network.

I can’t connect my Budweiser Red Light to WIFI

Before launching the Budweiser Red Light App, set your smartphone’s screen brightness to maximum.

Your phone must be connected to the WIFI network you are trying to connect your device to. These features can both be found in the Settings icon of your iPhone™ or Android™.

You must enter your WIFI network and password correctly in the App. The password is case sensitive.

Make sure your smartphone’s screen is in direct contact with the light sensor (light) on the electric imp card.

Note: The device will not connect to a network that requires secondary security such as a user name and password entered in Internet Explorer.

How do I check to see if my WIFI is working on my phone?

In step 2 of 4 in the Budweiser Red Lights App (WIFI Settings), your network should automatically show up in the list if your phone’s WIFI is successfully connected to the desired network. You might still need to re-enter the network password, even if your phone is already connected to that network.

Can I use a friend’s phone to connect my Budweiser Red Light to WIFI?

Yes you can, just make sure that they have the Budweiser Red Lights App and are connected to the WIFI network that you wish to connect your light to. You should also make sure that you enter your email address in the App sign up, just in case you need to get support from us. Your email address is our way of uniquely identifying you and your Budweiser Red Light. Once your Red Light is successfully installed, you do not need to have your friend’s phone available unless you wish to update your cities or change your WIFI settings.

I have taken my Budweiser Red Light to a friend’s place and now it's not working. What should I do?

If you are trying to connect your Budweiser Red Light to a new WIFI network, you will need to go through the set up process in the Budweiser Red Lights App in order to connect your device to the new WIFI network.

Make sure your phone is connected to the WIFI network you are trying to connect the device to.

Make sure you enter the right WIFI password when you are prompted in the app.

Note: The device will not connect to a network that requires both a user name and password.

My WI-FI connection drops after goal alerts

This could mean it’s time to replace the batteries in your device. The strength of the batteries diminishes over time, so after a while they might not have the power to run the unit for more than one or two seconds at a time.

If you hear a clicking noise when you manually attempt to trigger your light, it is time to replace your batteries.

IMP Card

What do the different colours in the light on the electric imp™ card mean?

The light on the electric imp card is coded to let you know what the electric imp card is doing.

If your electric imp card or WiFi light sensor has a flashing red light, you are not connected to a WIFI network. In this case you will not receive goal alerts and will need to connect your device to your WiFi network using the Budweiser Red Lights App.

If your electric imp card is flashing red and orange, that means your device is trying to connect to a WIFI network. While this is happening you will not receive goal alerts.

If your electric imp card has a flashing green light, your device is connected to WIFI. In this case you should be receiving goal alerts.

If your electric imp card has a solid green light, your Red Light is running a firmware upgrade. In this case, do not turn your device off. Leave it for five minutes before attempting to reprogram your device by going through the set up.

If there is no indicator light on your electric imp card, it may mean your device is in power saving mode. There does not need to be a green light on the electric imp card for you to receive goal alerts but if you want to be sure you never miss a goal, remove the electric imp card fully from the device and reinsert it. If the light on your electric imp card flashes red, yellow, and then green, your Budweiser Red Light should receive goal alerts.


What do I search for in the App Store™ or the Google Play™ Store App?

The English app can be found by searching for ‘Budweiser Red Lights’ or for French search for ‘Lumières de but’

Do I need to select one city, or can I select multiple cities?

You can select as many cities as you like from the list provided. If you sign up for all thirty cities, keep in mind that you will get ‘five minutes to game time’ warnings for all games you are subscribed to, if you have selected the five minute warnings option. You will also get a goal alert for every goal scored while your selected cities are playing.

If I select multiple cities and both are playing at the same time will the Budweiser Red Light device go off for both cities?


How do I add or change cities after the initial setup?

You can do this by selecting the cities you wish to follow on the ‘Your Red Light’ screen on the App. Simply select the cities and press ‘Update’. If you do not see this screen in your App you will need to go through the set up process from the beginning using the Budweiser Red Lights App to add or change cities.


Can I replace my batteries?

Yes. Just take off the baseplate with a small Phillips screwdriver or a 2.5mm Allen Key, take out the four D batteries, and replace them with new ones.

You might need to adjust the batteries to make sure the springs are centred on the negative end of the battery.

Please be careful when screwing the base plate back in to avoid pinching the wires or battery pack

How long will the batteries in the Budweiser Red Light last?

It depends on how active the device is during the season. If you are subscribed to all thirty cities, we expect your device to last a whole season. With a small number of cities selected, you should expect to get up to two seasons from your current batteries.

Red Light / Horn

Is there a way to program the Budweiser Red Light to light up without sound, or to make sound without lighting up?

Yes. To get it to light up without sound just turn the volume dial on the light down to its minimum. You can test the volume by pushing the red test button on the back of the device.

Unfortunately you can’t have it make sound without lighting up.

I have pushed the test button but it’s not making a sound. What do I do next?

Check the volume control position. You can test the volume by pushing the red test button on the back. If your volume is full and you are still not getting sound, please contact the Budweiser Red Light Help Desk at 1-855-BUD-RED1.

Do I need to have my Budweiser Red Light turned on all the time?

No, you can turn your device off at any time by turning the volume dial all the way down until you feel it click.

Note: Your Budweiser Red Light needs to be on if you want to receive ‘five minutes to game time’ warnings and goal alerts. You can check that your device is on by pushing the red test button on the back.

If you do turn it off, then back on, the Budweiser Red Lights App will remember your WIFI network and will reconnect automatically.

The horn and light on the device are not working, how do I fix this?

Check to see if the light on the electric imp card is flashing green to make sure your device hasn’t gone to sleep.

If the electric imp card isn’t flashing, then power the Budweiser Red Light off. Wait for 30 seconds and then turn the light on again. If this still doesn’t work, remove your electric imp card fully and reinsert it. You must sync your electric imp card while it is flashing in order to successfully sync your Red Light to your WIFI network. If you are still having difficulty, you can contact the Budweiser Red Light Help Desk at 1-855-BUD-RED1.

Mobile Devices

Is an iOS™ or Android™ operating system necessary to configure the WIFI?

Yes, these are the only operating systems that are compatible.

Your iPhone must be model 4S or higher, with iOS 8.0 or above. Your Android device must be version 4.0 or higher.

*The Budweiser Red Lights app may not work on some Andriod devices due to handset limitations, operating system and other software on your phone. For further information, contact us here.

Why is my WIFI connection failing with my Android mobile device?

Your Android device should be running Android v2.3 or higher. You might also want to reboot your Android device before attempting connection.

Why do I have WIFI connection issues with my Android™ device but not with my iOS™ device?

iOS devices prioritize stable frame rate which makes WIFI connection very reliable.

Android vendors vary on how important they consider consistent frame rate to be, therefore WIFI connections with behave differently with different Android devices.

Will the Budweiser Red Light increase any charges on my phone or internet bills?

It shouldn’t, but we suggest you check with your service provider to understand what your plan covers.


I’ve synced my glass previously - why doesn’t it light up?

Your glass will lose connectivity with the app if it is further than about 10 metres away for any extended period of time. Reconnect your glass at the start of every game. Please note that your glass will flash when it successfully connects.

I can’t connect my glass to my app.

Ensure your Bluetooth™ is turned on, batteries are installed, and for best connection ensure your phone is within 5 metres of the glass. If you are still having issues connecting, remove and reinstall the batteries. Please note that you must sync the glass from within the Budweiser Red Light App, do NOT pair the glass in your phone Bluetooth settings.

It says no devices found when I try to sync my glass.

Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on, batteries are installed, and your phone is within 5 metres of the glass. The glass can only sync with one app at a time, so ensure that no one else’s app is currently connected to your glass. If you are still having issues connecting, remove and reinstall the batteries.

I can’t see what glasses I’m currently connected to.

Unfortunately, you are unable to see what glasses you are currently connected to. However if you select Test Glasses from the Glass tab all connected glasses will light up.

How do I know if my glass is connected?

Your glass should flash when you successfully connect it to the app for the first time. Within the Glass tab you have the option to Test Your Glass which will make your glass flash if successfully connected.

How many glasses can I connect to?

Each app currently supports up to 10 glasses.

How many cities can I sync my glass to?

Your glass syncs to all the cities selected in your app. You can select as many or as few in your app as you want. If you want different glasses to sync to different cities, you will need to sync each glass to a different app user’s device.

My glass is connected but I can’t pair it with a city?

Ensure Push Notifications are turned on within the app to allow your glass to flash. Go to the More section, tap on My Details, and then tap on Push Notifications. When the dialog tap dialogue box appears tap OK, then tap Notifications, and then tap Allow Notifications. Your Notifications will now be turned on and allow the Red Light Glass to work.

What happens if my app loses connection with the glass?

If you lose connection (for example your phone and glass are further than 10 metres apart), the app will automatically try to reconnect to your glass for approximately 30 min. To ensure your glass is still connected, go to the Glasses tab and tap Test Your Glasses, the glass should light up for a few seconds. If you are unable to successfully test your glass, please remove the batteries from the glass and reconnect your glass using the same process you previously connected the app to the glass.

Why does my glass flash when no goal is scored?

Your glass may flash when no goal is scored for one of three reasons:

  1. You manually Tested Your Glass
  2. You manually Removed Your Glass
  3. Your glass and app are out of range from each other and you will need to reconnect your glass.


How do I access the batteries?

Unscrew the base from the glass. Twist the plastic piece inside the base that holds the batteries counter-clockwise. If necessary, gently shake the base to release the battery casing. Insert two AAA batteries into the battery casing. Reinsert the base casing into the base holder and turn clockwise to lock it in place. Screw the base back onto the glass.


Can I buy a Red Light Glass separately?

Unfortunately we have a limited supply of glasses that are exclusively available through specially marked Budweiser cases. However, the Budweiser Red Light Goal Lamp is available for purchase.


Can I put my glass in the dishwasher?

No, the glass is hand wash only. Ensure you remove the base prior to hand washing.

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